Copeland Compressors

We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Copeland Compressors, so we can provide you with the best prices for your Copeland Compressors. Are you needing to replace a compressor in an old chiller unit? Provide us with the part number, and we can supply you with the correct compressor that meets your needs. Feel free to contact an experienced engineer to request a quote.

Refrigeration Compressors, Copeland Compressors and Refrigeration Valves are Available

Benefits of Copeland Scroll Compressors

  •  Improved temperature protection
  • Internal pressure protection
  • New quiet shutdown solution
  • Optimized scroll and seal design for improved efficiency
  • Common shell/tube configurations and standardizing parts for improved manufacturing and product quality
  • Longer shaft bearing system for enhanced reliability
  • Redesigned shell for quiet operation
  • High efficiency motor